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How to promote your music in 2022 - the real way!

For a musical artist, it is essential to promote their music and make a mark among the listeners. Apart from Facebook Ads, various websites can help boost your music in a “real” way. Here are some of the websites where you can do music promotion while being a playlist curator.

1. Playlist Push

If you have an engaging playlist backed with at least 1000 followers and 100-300 active listeners, you can become a curator by submitting your playlist on Playlist Push. Being selective, it only picks up those playlists that are highly engaging. You can check for artists on Spotify either on the mobile app or desktop application to check the engagement. You just get one chance of submission with your Spotify account. If you don’t approve the first time, you can’t submit again through the same account since it focuses on listeners counts rather than stream counts. The website pays you up to 12 dollars per reviewing song submission.

2. Submit Hub

SubmitHub is one of the good websites where you can become a playlist curator. It pays 50 cents, one dollar, or one and a half dollars per song submission. With the rise in submissions, your income would also increase. SubmitHub can help you get a hike in streams if you get placed on some good playlists. So, if you have a nice song and are pitched to a nice playlist, you can easily get approval from the website.

3. Song Rocket

SongRocket is a recently launched website for playlist curators. It allows for around 50 to 100 submissions a month, depending on the quality of the playlist. A good playlist will help you get paid more. Since the website keeps a check on the playlist, songs on the playlists should be present at least for a month after approval. But this depends on the number of songs that your playlist has.

4. Sound Campaign

SoundCampaign is a website where you can do music promotion while acting as a playlist curator. Similar to other such websites, SoundCampaign pays up to 15 dollars per submission review. The more active the playlist is, the higher you are paid.

5. Daily Playlist

Unlike the above websites, Daily Playlists doesn’t pay for any submission paid. The artists can be pitched to a music playlist. This site has both pros and cons. As for pros, once the music is pitched, you can set up gates to let the listeners follow you automatically on Spotify. The obvious cons are that these are not “real” followers.

6. Soundplate

Like Daily Playlist, SoundPlate lets people submit the playlist for free. The gates automatically help you get more followers. Thus, SoundPlate is among the best free playlist curator website for music promotion.

7. Ko-Fi

Ko-Fi is a great and highly recommended platform for artists and curators to put up their playlists and sites. At the same time, there is no guarantee if the playlist submitted will be approved since it would not go against the rules and policies of Spotify.

You can watch my youtube video here where I go over everything and the websites in detail:

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