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How to Sign With a Record Label?

Want to learn how to submit your own music to independent record labels? Signing a song with a record label can be huge in a lot of ways. You get more fans, more listeners, more streams and more paid. It all depends on what kind of deal you sign and what label you are releasing with.

Here I will go over how I managed to get some of my songs signed with record labels. If that’s something you’re interested in then keep reading. Here down below I will use the example for my song "Sunset Love" and the label LoudKult.

1. Open Spotify

2. Find a playlist

Find a playlist that's in the genre your song is in that is made by a label.

3. Check credits

Look at the credits on a couple of songs on the playlist and see if the playlist curator is credited for the song.

4. Find their website.

Now you can do a Google and Reddit search to see if they are legit. If they seem legit you can look up their website.

5. Submit your music

Find their submission link on their website and submit your music.

6. Wait

Now you wait for them to contact you to see if they want to sign your music.

If you want to learn how more on each step you can watch my video down below. In the video I go into details on every step and how I got my song Sunset Love signed with a record label.

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