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How To Upload Your Song To Streaming Platforms? – Distrokid

If you are thinking of uploading your song on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, or Deezer, the best option is to use Distrokid. Though there are various other services such as Tune Core and CD Baby, Distrokid is relatively simple and easy to use. You need to pay a yearly fee, but there might be some additional charges depending on the nature of your song.

While uploading a cover song, it is necessary to have an appropriate license. On Distrokid, you can get this license for 12 dollars per cover song. This fee includes maintaining your songs on different platforms you want your song to be. What can be the best affordable option for you as an artist to make your presence on different music platforms?

Uploading song on Distrokid

Here are some easy steps you need to follow to upload your song on Distrokid.


To create an account, you can use Google id, Facebook id, or simply register through your email id.


You can select services on which you want your song to appear on your dashboard. These include YouTube, Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, etc.


Create your artist’s name with which your song or album will be featured. If you have got a few other people, write their names in the featured list. Remember, these featured names would not be getting the streams or plays since it’s your account.


It is better to pre-order your song on Distrokid before the release date. Pre-ordering the song at least a month before would help you get feedback. When you upload or pitch your song to the editorial playlist, it takes a good amount of time for Distrokid to review the quality of your song.


After pre-ordering, select the image for your album cover. You can either create your own image or download it from copyright-free websites.


Select the language of your song along with the genre your song falls in. It is advisable to narrow down the genre rather than selecting a broad genre.


Finally, upload the song by choosing from your computer or simply dragging the file onto the website. Ensure that the file is 44.1 hertz and the bit rate sample is 16.

Important things to remember when uploading your song to Distrokid

#1. Since you are uploading a cover song, you need to have the same setup as the original song. You can’t change the lyrics or remix it.

#2. If you have clean lyrics, you need not opt for the radio edit.

#3. If you want your song to be on TikTok, choose the best part by selecting the right time in minutes and seconds. Remember, TikTok allows your video to be for 30 seconds only.

#4. On Distrokid, you get a store maximizer that will automatically add your song to the store. It might cost you around 8 dollars a year.

#5. Through the statistics, you can check the number of streams or plays your song has.

If you want to learn these steps in more details please watch my Youtube video where I guide you through each step to upload your own music to Distrokid.

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